Our team

Our team
An optimal law enforcement towing ecosystem keeps more towers working, more officers policing and more communities running smoothly. That’s the system we built. That’s why we come to work every day.
Our team

Creating a smoothly operating law enforcement towing ecosystem that benefits everyone, from tow operators to vehicle owners to entire cities, is tricky.

We knew we’d need the best of the best to make it happen. And education and expertise were only part of what those best had to bring.

We needed people who could personally relate to, deeply consider and respect the needs of towers, police officers, government officials and everyday citizens, in communities of every size, in every region. And we needed people who could bring outsider perspective, to consider overlooked solutions.

AutoReturn’s extraordinary team embodies our unique combination of people, processes and technology. We bring decades of experience in law enforcement, municipal towing, operational management, system implementation, team training, software design and business planning. All of which allows us to establish comprehensive, long-term partnerships in each new region, from stakeholder interviews and situation analysis through development, change management, maintenance and optimization.

Want to help communities move more smoothly?
We’re always looking for bright, down-to-earth people looking to help other bright, down-to-earth people get good work done. Sound like you?