For government

For government
Quick crash removal and clear roadways improve public safety, commerce and citizen services. AutoReturn is helping more than two dozen cities, counties and states run more smoothly.
How We Work
What can AutoReturn do for government?
Increased oversight
and decreased cost
Increased oversight and decreased cost
Our automatic, real-time monitoring systems are backed by an expert support team. This reduces towing management costs while increasing efficiency and response times.
Improved fee collection
Improved fee collection
The AutoReturn system calculates towing fees, ensuring they’re collected and all parties are paid the correct amounts.
Great towing services
Great towing services
The AutoReturn solution forms a seamless fleet out of your existing local towing providers, then equip them with tools and training to meet service levels at your towing volumes.
Less congestion,
safer streets
Less congestion, safer streets
Our robust, intelligent dispatch system minimizes response time, time on site and secondary accidents.
Smart technology,
smart community
Smart technology, smart community
We integrate easily with existing systems, provide real-time reporting and reduce human effort and error.
Better citizen experience
Better citizen experience
24x365 customer support via web, chat and voice means increased transparency. Citizens find vehicles faster and understand the specific requirements for vehicle release.
Work for your city, county or state?
Partner with the industry-leading towing logistics and management systems provider to measurably improve law enforcement towing operations with minimal risk to your city, county or state. What’s more, our solution is delivered at no cost to you.  
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