Our pledge

Our pledge to towers
While AutoReturn began as a municipal towing operator, we quickly saw we could do more good by focusing on technology-enabled services. We won’t tow, take on impound or storage or cut into your fees. Rather, we provide free, easily integrated tools to improve your police towing business.
Our pledge

AutoReturn is here to make towing management easier for everyone.

We’re committed to helping towers improve and grow their law enforcement towing business without cutting into margins. Our own growth since forming in 2002—and candid feedback from towers everywhere—has taught us how best to demonstrate that commitment.

AutoReturn’s pledge to you:

We don’t own tow trucks, and we don’t tow vehicles.
We provide free tools and services to help you better manage your towing business, including dispatch and customer support.

We don’t take on impound or storage.
Our platform makes it easier for towers, law enforcement and government agencies to manage these facilities.

We don’t cut into your fees.
AutoReturn solutions—including onboarding, training and ongoing support—are 100% free to you. In fact, when communities partner with AutoReturn, law enforcement towing work is distributed more equitably. And our platform helps towers operate more efficiently, spending less time waiting, less time on administration and more time earning.


Tow operators are vital to their communities, and we want to help them run better and earn more while serving those communities.

– CEO John Wicker

Helping towers thrive is key to what we at AutoReturn do, and we’re honored to partner with you. We look forward to continuing to learn from all our partners about how we can keep improving.

Work in towing?
We’d love to learn about your needs and share more details, so you can evaluate whether AutoReturn might be right for your business.