Our History

Our history
When AutoReturn began, law enforcement towing too often left tow operators, law enforcement and vehicle owners underserved and unhappy. We saw a better way.
Our History

Since 2002, the AutoReturn team has expanded from a few founders in California to a workforce of nearly 100 in communities coast to coast.

We launched in one city and now operate in more than two dozen. But while we’re proud of our growth in numbers, what brings us the most satisfaction is knowing that we’ve helped transform police towing in every community where we operate.

When we saw an opportunity to fix common towing operation problems nationwide—long wait times, vehicle damage, property loss, low accountability and conflicts of interest—we knew we had to take it. So we built the first system combining top-notch technology with deep industry expertise and hands-on help.

Then, city by city, state by state, the communities who partnered with us began to see smoother operations, happier people and—most important of all—safer roadways. Because a better law enforcement towing process means faster crash scene clearance, fewer injuries to officers and others on the scene, and less backed-up traffic and secondary crashes.

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