Indianapolis – Auction Terms

Indianapolis – Auction Terms

Auction details:

  • Vehicles stored by AutoReturn that are not claimed by the registered or legal owner are sold at our public auction.
  • Auctions are held at AutoReturn’s storage facility, located at 2451 S. Belmont Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46221
  • Auctions are held every other Thursday, starting at noon. Vehicle previews begin at 9:00AM. Auctions are held rain or shine.
  • A list of vehicles eligible to be auctioned is posted 7 days in advance at the Indianapolis Recorder newspaper and on their website. Please note that vehicles can be claimed by owners until 11:00AM the day of the auction and auctions can be rescheduled.

Auction policies:

  • Admission is free with valid government issued picture identification, such as a driver’s license.
  • Each attendee must register for the auction and display their bidder number at all times.
  • Vehicles can be removed from the premises only by a licensed driver, trailered, or tow truck.
  • All auction attendees shall have an equal opportunity to bid.

Purchase procedures:

  • Minimum bid is $200.00.  Auction fees may apply, see Auction Fees.
  • Winning bidder is required to provide a $100.00 cash deposit immediately upon purchase of the vehicle (paid at the auction block). If the customer fails to post the required deposit, the vehicle is resold to the highest bidder.
  • An auction service fee is charged for each vehicle in addition to purchase price. The service charge is based on the bid amount and covers the vehicle handling and processing.
  • Vehicles must be paid for in full by 4:30PM on auction day or 4:00PM the following day; otherwise, the bidder forfeits the purchase deposit and the auction purchase is void. No refunds or exchanges. No exceptions.
  • Balance of auction purchase (sale price less deposit) may be paid by cash, check, credit, or debit. (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover)
  • All vehicles are sold “as is”. Buyer acknowledges that AutoReturn makes no expressed or implied warranties about the vehicle condition, drivability, or its status. All vehicles are unregistered when sold. Abandoned vehicle title application and receipt are supplied to buyer in order to facilitate registration with Indiana BMV.
  • Title applications will be filled out in the name of the final bidder. If changes need to be made, you must go to the BMV and apply for a title transfer. No exceptions.
  • Buyer acknowledges that the removal of an unregistered vehicle without a tow truck, dealer plate, or moving permit is unlawful and subject to penalties applied by law enforcement.

Auction fees:

  • sales price between $0 – $1,000.00 = $80
  • sales price between $1,000.01 – $1,500.00 = $100
  • sales price between $1,500.01 – $2,000.00 = $140
  • sales price between $2,000.01 – $2,500.00 = $180
  • sales price between $2,500.01 – $3,000.00 = $220
  • sales price between $3,000.01 and over = $260