Vehicle Details

Tow Details
TR Number: 20190317A0015
License: BBU582 - IN
VIN: *************2027
Vehicle: RED 1996 ISUZU RODEO
Towed Date and Time: 3/17/19 4:27 AM
Towed By: Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department
Towed From: 1017 N Hamilton Ave
Reason: ARREST Arrest
Status: SOLD
Tow Company: AutoReturn - Indianapolis
2451 S. Belmont Ave, Indianapolis, IN
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What do you do now?

Your vehicle was previously towed by AutoReturn, but has since been sold as an unclaimed vehicle. When AutoReturn tows a vehicle and it is not claimed by the vehicle owner within the allowed timeframe as defined by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles(BMV), the company initiates a lien in order to sell the vehicle to recover the associated towing, storage, and related fees. AutoReturn adheres to all BMV requirements that guide the lien sales process, including proper notification of the registered and legal owners of the vehicle. If you have any questions regarding the sale and subsequent release of this vehicle, please call our service center at 317-308-4479. Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.