Austin, TX

In May 2015, AutoReturn was awarded a contract with the City of Austin, Texas to manage the dispatch, towing and impound services for the Austin Police Department.  AutoReturn is working with the existing local towing and impound providers that have performed these important services for decades.  AutoReturn’s role is to manage this local network of service providers to facilitate the automated dispatching of tow requests, professional release of vehicles to their owners, and the effective disposition of unclaimed vehicles.  Prior to AutoReturn’s management of the towing and impound process, Austin dispatched tow requests to various tow operators with disparate systems, meaning data collection was difficult.  Now, Austin and its police department have  a transparent way to accurately document tow volume, response times, and customer service levels for its citizens.  In a condensed transition period, AutoReturn implemented processes and technology that positively changed the prior system while maintaining the status quo for local businesses.  As of September 1, 2015, the City of Austin has joined AutoReturn’s other municipal clients that achieve benefits from offloading the management of the tow process while retaining a way for consistent oversight and control.